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The village of Cocconato arises in the hearth of Piedmont, among the beautiful Monferrato hills and not far from the cities of Asti, Turin, Alba, Casale. It greets visitors with a rich history and the old town center, one of the best kept in the whole region.

The village winds up from the lively piazza Cavour, crowded with cafés, restaurants and shops selling local delicacies, along Via Roma towards the hilltop, bordered by old houses with balconies with wrought-iron fences and front doors in carved wood.

In via Roma there is the most significant monument in the village, the Palazzo Comunale, built in XV century, rare example of Gothic building in the area of Monferrato.

A rich program of events and fairs regarding food and wine products and local traditions such as the “Palio degli Asini” (Donkeys Race) warm up the atmosphere of Cocconato all the year long. Thanks to hospitality and services offered, together with the warm weather which was worth the nickname of  “Riviera del Monferrato”, Cocconato has been awarded the acknowledgement of the Orange Flag of Touring Club.

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