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A relaxing landscape, a site of memory where everything speaks of strength and poetry, harmony and elegance, simplicity and culture, taste and wellness.
Before even arriving, you are overcome by the neighboring landscape: the ordered vineyards rows, surrounded by greenery, the ancient Cocconato village, "riviera" of Monferrato and Orange Flag of the Touring Club, the warm and familiar atmosphere of the streets and the squares where you can stroll in any season of the year.

Casa Brina is the cultural farmhouse of Bava family.
A historic building in Cocconato center, overlooking the most classic Piedmont countryside, a beautiful example of a typical farmhouse with courtyard.
Casa Brina has three suites with any comfort and top quality services for enjoying a relaxing stay in Monferrato.
And Casa Brina is a label, too. Dedicated to Bava family research and limited productions - wines dressed by the art of several masters who, together with their works of art, are accommodated under the vaults of the eighteenth-century farmhouse: small very exclusive productions, both refined in taste and image.

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Staying at Casa Brina allows a vacation in a lovely position, and ideal site for moving around in Monferrato and Langhe, among Asti, Turin, Alba and Casale - a short walk far from the town square in Cocconato, with its typical tempting center restaurants and among the local wine and food artisans.
The bright and wide rooms with carefully selected furnishings, the small terraces, the courtyards and arcades of the three Casa Brina Suites ensure the guests a welcoming atmosphere in the best Piedmontese tradition without denying any comfort such as a private parking or the wify connection.

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The cellars

Under the elegant structure of Casa Brina: the vast cellars dating back to 1722 with barrels and barriques for wine aging as well as a permanent Street Art exhibition or a unique collection of Mass wines, ancient glasses and tools for wine production.

Here sounds the echo of the concerts, the seminars and the dinners that have never ceased to bustle these spaces perfectly preserved, in which culture and modernity combine with tradition - sounds, smells and flavors of the heart of Cocconato tufo hills that guest them. Via Piave cellars can be visited on weekdays or by appointment, on non-working days, too.

In the fall, you can take the opportunity of a guided tour of the winemaking various stages as well as a tasting at the valley cellars located in Strada Monferrato, where the company wine shop is always open (foreign languages: French and English).

Notizie da Casa Brina

Nativity Scene in Cocconato
Nativity Scene in Cocconato
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Christmas fair in Cocconato
Christmas fair in Cocconato
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Video of september concert in Casa Brina
A concert planned to be in a vineayard featuring winds instruments was held in the old cellars of Casa Brina because of a sudden rainstorm. Martin Hayes is the swiss horn player and group leader in this video.
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